World Rugby Vision: Rugby – a sport for all, true to its values

World Rugby Mission: Growing the global rugby family

World Rugby Core Values: Inherent in everything we do are our values of integrity, respect, solidarity, passion, and discipline.


  • Welcome to Rugby

    Rugby is played throughout the world by men and women, boys and girls. Players are attracted to Rugby because of its unique character-building values.

  • World Rugby Passport

    World Rugby Passport is your gateway to the training and education websites provided by World Rugby.

  • Coaching

    Online learning tools for all aspects of coaching the game.

  • Officiating

    A range of resources to support you in your officiating.

  • Laws of the Game

    Resources and support to help you understand of how the Laws are applied on the field of play.

  • Player Welfare

    Resources and guidelines on putting the player firs

  • Keep Rugby Clean

    Educational resources on World Rugby’s Anti-Doping Policy