Yesterday, the Board of the Nigeria Rugby Football Federation had its second formal meeting this year with lots of good news being heralded by its President Mr. Kelechi Mbagwu from the local and international scene!

1. You will remember that Nigeria competed in the Africa Regional Sevens Tournament in Ivory Coast and we placed 2nd. It was an Africa Olympic Pre – Qualifiers, an All Africa Games Qualifiers and ultimately the 15’s Africa Rugby Bronze Cup Qualifiers!

We are delighted to inform you that Good News awaits Nigerian Rugby come 2019 International Rugby Calendar pending the ratification of the Rugby Afrique Competition Committee’s recommendation to the World Body on the 10th of November. In a letter from the Rugby Afrique to the Nigeria Rugby Football Federation, Nigeria Qualified for the Africa Bronze Cup as we had desired, but in addition, we are being recommended to move into the Africa Silver Cup with the newly recommended competition structure for 2019. Nigeria has been in the Bronze Cup for 8years before the suspension last year!

2. Also, Nigeria has been offered a hosting right to any competition of our choice in the 2019 Rugby Afrique Calendar or a newly inaugurated Tournament in consultation with Rugby Africa. Nigeria has not hosted any International Rugby event since 2009

More good news still coming!

Which Tournament do you suggest Nigeria should host?

Keep the answers coming